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Business Analyst Andrew Castle Offers Executive Coaching for Business Advisors

Andrew has over 22 years of  international practical experience in Consulting as business analyst and business advisor.

Purpose is difficult to harness-and hence is so valuable “, Nikos Mourkogiannis from his book Purpose and explained in his presentation in Melbourne 2009.

  • You are our focus.
  • “We work with you to To Create Sustainable Shifts and Outcomes”.

Shifts are changes in strategy, direction, perception, focus, behaviour, point of view, beliefs, values, how you see things, team effectiveness and outcomes.

Lenses to focus consulting work are at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Outcomes are created in 3 areas – people, work system and economic.

Sustainability means having the confidence and capability to implement the change successfully to achieve the agreed outcomes and anchor in the culture.

Creating these shifts and outcomes means working in partnership with you as business analyst and business advisor and transferring capability and confidence to install the change in processes and anchor in your culture.

How we work with you:

  • We partner with you to focus on outcomes
  • We transfer skills to you and your organization
  • We eat our own recipes-I have a coach
  • Our fees represent value for money



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