Customised Workshops

Our clients sometimes request specialized workshops and follow up coaching to implement a specific strategy in real time as it emerges.

Here Are Some Examples:

Promoting Success Stories

National Professional Services organization wanted to build the confidence and capability of key leaders to share their successful projects across silos and create more cross-selling opportunities.

Appreciative Inquiry and Problem Solving

Government organization wanted to build capability of high potential leaders to move beyond coaching and build in a positive psychology approach.

Accelerating Personal Change

National healthcare organization embarking on a transformational change project and wanted to prepare leaders to be able to understand what happens to people through change and what I can do as leader to accelerate people through this process  and create change outcomes quicker.

Change Agility

National organization wanted to build capability and confidence with People and Culture (HR) Business Partners to coach their internal clients to be agile in leading change initiatives during an acquisition.

People Focus of Cultural Integration

Queensland based agricultural sales organization acquired a new company and wanted to create a culture across all sites, which is accepting of change especially of the differences in cultures.

Repositioning Internal Service Groups to increase Value

Implemented in automotive after a restructure to bed down the 52 work groups, insurance organization repositioning HR to add more value & fee transfer, IT organization reposition to be competitive with external competitors.

Most internal service groups are not good at marketing their services and complacency sets in-this is the time to intervene and build a higher value profile to internal customers.


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