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Executive Coaching for Better Employee Engagement

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.
  - Galileo

Outcomes from Executive coaching delivering 5.7 times the financial outlay for executive coaching (McGovern et al.)

Executive Coaching produces results.

Our work with organizations such as Spotless Services Australia, PricewaterhouseCoopers Asia, Kraft Asia, Lithocraft, Pacific Dunlop, AXA Asia Pacific, Qantas, Parks Victoria, Reckitt Benkiser Asia, Baker Mckenzie, Minter Ellison lawyers, Mallesons lawyers and many others have shown significant shifts and followed on to great outcomes.

International research from the Corporate Leadership Council, shows a strong correlation between employee engagement, high performance and high retention.

Our executive coaching program is fully customized and focuses on the shifts necessary to create great outcomes by engaging executives at the deepest level to sustain this shift.

Coaching Areas of Focus Across all levels:

  • Development Coaching using 360 feedback to generate a unique Individual Development Plan
  • Performance Coaching focussed on a Performance Management Process
  • Self Awareness Coaching using quantitative & qualitative feedback to create behaviour change
  • Career Coaching to clarify future directions
  • Coaching to build confidence & capability in holding Crucial Conversations
  • Group coaching to create a real time “shift” in behaviour using direct feedback methods
  • E coaching using skype

Some Coaching Examples:

  • Coached 50 Senior Leaders - 360 feedback creating Individual Development plans
  • Development coaching with 50 senior leaders building capability to have more effective Performance conversations.
  • Building capability in Performance coaching with top 500 managers linking this capability with their Performance Management process.
  • Leadership development with executive team followed by 1:1 coaching focussed on improving internal relationships.
  • Coaching in Crucial Development Conversations with International airline top 100 leaders.

In summary, employee engagement drives strong outcomes through sustainable coaching shifts.


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