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Change Management > 10 CSF's for Effective Transformation
By Andrew Castle
January 3, 2012
10 CSF's for Effective Transformation

37% leaders responded "Somewhat Successful" to "How successful was your change program in achieving sustainable performance"

The most successful transformation of business performance occur when leaders mobilize and sustain energy within their organizations and communicate their objectives clearly, comprehensively and in an engaging way. Vinson

10 CSF's For Effective Transformation:

  1. Sustain energy during the transformation
  2. Define clear goals for the next 1-2 years
  3. Integrating goals into key processes
  4. Communicating transformation as a compelling story
  5. Regularly recognising success stories
  6. Offering an inspiring view of better long-term future
  7. Building new capabilities
  8. Raiese expectations for the future performance
  9. Build a sense of focus with employees
  10. Reduce anxiety & confusion during the change


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