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By Andrew Castle
January 3, 2012
4 Steps to Maximise Executive Coaching Impact

ROI studies in the executive coaching field focus on the bottom-line impacts of the coaching undertaken. Examples of ROI results in the literature include executive coaching delivering 5.7 times the financial outlay for executive coaching (McGovern et al., 2001); a 529% return (Anderson, 2001a); and 6 to 10 times (O'Neill, 2005)

A conclusion from the famous Manchester Review yielded a wealth of information about factors that contributed to (or could detract from) the effectiveness of executive coaching. They found evidence for the following guidelines to make coaching as effective as possible.

4 Key Steps to maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching

  1. Select coaches with care.

It is critical to match the executive to the coach. Fit and key coach capabilities are fundamental to creating significant outcomes from the program.

  1. Provide strong organizational support.

It is critical to have the support of the executive’s manager for the coaching to be effective plus how the coaching assignments are communicated with in the organisation. Suggested steps:

 a) Establish a process to closely involve the participant’s manager and HR representative from the outset and throughout the program.

b) Work to establish strong alignment between participants and    stakeholders regarding the significance, implications, and goals of the coaching.

c) Frequently check in with stakeholders regarding progress and fine-tuning of the coaching goals.

d) Encourage the organization to do all possible to provide the participant with enough time to take advantage of the coaching and engage in on-the-job developmental activities.

 e) Publicize the organization’s commitment to the participant’s success, and provide recognition for progress that is made.

Measure and communicate the impact!

Communicating favourable results of specific coaching experiences can lower organizational barriers to acceptance of executive coaching, as well as enhance its desirability to future participants.

  1. Make coaching more widely available.

     We hope that these results will encourage organizations to make this resource available to all who stand to benefit from it.

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