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Leadership Effectiveness > 4 Key Elements of Leadership Development
By Andrew Castle
January 3, 2012
Leadership Program - Andrew Castle

"The Single Biggest Way To Impact An Organization Is To Focus On
Leadership Development. There Is Almost No Limit To The Potential Of An
Organization That Recruits Good People, Raises Them Up As Leaders And
Continually Develops Them." — John C Maxwell

For leaders to flourish, it is critical to develop leaders at all levels. To ensure
this development creates significant shifts and outcomes, it is important to
measure the improvement through Test – Retest strategy.
For example, an improvement of 20% to 60% shift in Achievement style in 6

Here are my leadership programs at all levels for your organisation, which are all
supported by competencies, which can be customised and measured as 360
degree surveys.

 4 Key Elements of Leadership Development

Leadership Development is best implemented following a Blended approach:

  1. On the Job learning
  2. Coaching & Mentoring
  3. Online
  4. Face to face workshops


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